Friday, September 23, 2011

Sunflower Buffet - 36" x 36"

All the cool clear skies of late influenced this piece. These sunflowers grew in my yard pretty much as you see them. We have volunteer sunflowers of all varieties throughout the perennial gardens at the farm this year. My favorite inspiration is always that which I find right outside my door.  I actually took the canvas right out side and created the composition from a few differenct plants.

Here is another piece that rings of autumn's fresh air and cool blue skies:

Apple Time - 36" x 36"

This piece was inspired by an apple tree that I pass on my way to town. It was a total  hit at the "Art & Apples Festival" in Rochester a couple of weekends ago and quickly found a home. Fortunately, I have the capability to offer this one in a stretched canvas Giclee in a few different sizes up to its original size of 36" square. I will have a few of my new stretched canvas prints available at the "Birmingham Street Art Fair" this weekend. If you are in the area this weekend, come say hi! The fair is set up right on Woodward. My booth is in front of the Birmingham Theatre and just south of Starbucks (Grande, one-Splenda Capuccino - extra dry :P ...just sayin').  Hope to see you there!

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