Friday, August 14, 2015

"Field of Joy" is underway!

ArtPrize 7 is on the horizon and I have been working on my submission "Field of Joy" which will be on display in Grand Rapids, Michigan at DeVos Place September 23 thru October 11. For those of you not familiar with ArtPrize, it is a competition that attracts over 1500 artist entries, 500,000 visitors and awards over $400,000 in prize money. The prizes are awarded by public vote and by a jury. You can get more info at

My painting is in process and I can hardly sleep for wanting to paint. It is my largest to date at 5' x 16'. It incorporates processes and materials that I have worked on for years and I cannot wait to show the world... or, at least the Midwest!

I have been posting my progress regularly on Instagram where you can find me at #kimrhoney. Those posts also appear on my FaceBook Fan Page under Kim Rhoney. 

The work barely fits in our great room!

This first phase is all underpainting for the wax and knife work. The underpainting allows me to finalize the composition and begin to determine values and perspective. Sometimes I tint the surface first and then draw my subject, but this piece is so large and complex that I felt this route would give me a better result. Next week, I will begin heavy paint application of color that will be closer to the finished product using painting knives to apply oil paint which is mixed with cold wax medium (bees wax & resin). Stay tuned and thank you for your interest in my work.