Monday, December 15, 2008

Back Home from the Windy City

Here are a few shots of my booth at the One of a Kind Show - Chicago. The show features some 600 artists from all over the country. There were about 80 painters of which a handful of us were "Featured Fine Artist". The recognition was for the fact that the promoters of the show used my work to promote the event. The Chicago-ans truly appreciate fine art and I received a lot of positive interest in my work....though no one bought a piece for the Obamas to take to the White House. That was mildly disappointing ;)

Monday, December 01, 2008

October Orchard

4' x 4' Oil on Panel. I started this painting in October during our Indian summer. This piece is painted on one of my Papa-panels(specially crafted supports created to my spec's by my favorite carpenter: my dad). They are very cool to work on and the smooth surface gives a luster to my work that I really enjoy. Tomorrow, I will post a big poppy piece that I also painted on a 4' x 4' Papa-panel. Both are traveling with me on Wednesday to Chicago!