Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Maumee River Commission - "Maumee Stroll"

This piece is truly monumental at five feet square. It was made for the wall that it hangs on and reflects the grounds between the house and the river. The Sycamore trees are painted with silver leaf in between the layers of cold wax and paint. This process was conceived during an earlier painting that I posted with this project in mind. I was really pleased with the result. Take a look at the close up to see some of the playful sgraffito (drawing back in to reveal the lower color) that I felt added a little needed whimsy.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

A Trip to Tuscany Remembered

This commission started out with a college friend and a handful of vacation photos from a special trip with her daughter. I do a fair number of commissions, but rarely work from others trip pic's. Fortunately I had been to this region of Italy and felt like I had an authentic response to the subject. I could close my eyes and remember the quality of the light. A very magical place! Thank you Kari for the opportunity!

 The painting measured 30" x 24" without the frame.

Several photos were referenced and the sketch is a bit of a montage. Here is the progression of the piece:

Here is a view of the installation: