Saturday, October 27, 2007

Poppies on Blue

SOLD - 4' by 5' oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas. This piece was started in early August and I took it to the Perrysburg/Levis Commons Fine Art Fair to work on it. I like to paint at the little fairs as it makes good use of my down-time and gives those that are interested and view of my process. This piece is on hold for approval by a couple from Arizona that have started to collect my work. They are coming to my studio tomorrow and I am optimistic that this one will go home with them. It is a very dramatic piece with a lot of energy. There is a little bit of atmosphere in this one that was non-existant in earlier work as I am intending to give my images a little bit of "flux" by softening edges or mixing a "little chocolate in my peanut-butter" as professor Hall Groat II puts it. He is one of my more seasoned painting peers from NYC that is active in my Google Group of painters. The web has enabled me to work singularly in my studio yet commune with other artists for a virtual cup of coffee and "art chat" every day.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sunflowers for Sylvania - On my Easel

4' x 3' oil on canvas. This one is now well underway and I hope to finish it over the next few days. Yesterday I played outside with my kids late in the late day sun and then went downstairs and painted after dinner. You can feel the change of season in the palette that appears in the leaves. I love to those natural influences that just come out intuitively without too much thinking.