Saturday, September 24, 2011

Loaded on the truck and rolling this morning...
Poppy Ensemble 4' x 5'

These big bold beauties and I are off to the Birmingham Street Art Fair .  I know that means I run the risk of selling them even though they would look fantastic over my own fireplace; which currently has nothing but hanging hardware installed over it! A former boss and lady friend of mine (with an authentic Irish accent) would always say "the cobbler's kids never have any shoes!"

I started this piece weeks ago with no specific thoughts about the color other than the subject. Then, I met some customers in Rochester that have a spot for a big poppy but not quite this big. I used their swatches to inspire the color of this piece. This is one way that I often work. A composition in mind and then something completely separate from the subject that might inspire the color and mood. In this case it was a group of paint swatches. BTW if you ever want to talk paint swatches, I speak fluent Benjamin Moore...yum, my favorite!

Here is a close up of the paint swatches and my palette:
Benjamin Moore Paint Swatches and a sampling from my palette below.

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