Monday, July 22, 2013

Back to my studio!

Thank you to everyone that stopped by my booth at the Ann Arbor Art Fair this past week. From cold bottles of water, to moist hugs and occasional potty breaks, it seemed like whenever I needed a hand, it appeared. I must say I am surprised and delighted by the hardcore art lovers that I have come to known over the years. We have had hotter temperatures in years past but the humidity made this last week extra tough and yet people came! Amazing! I thank you all sincerely!

After Friday night's storm, I was not sure what I would find on Saturday morning.  I went in extra early and was relieved to find my tent standing strong. The extra time alone in my booth that morning gave me pause to reflect and write this poem which I have shared with my fellow artist friends on-line. I thought I would share it with you all too.

 Reflections on the Street

The wind, the rain, the restless night,
hoping my tall tent does not take flight.
Yet in the morn I see her stand,
fairest Trim-line in the land.
She kept my work all safe and dry,
knowing what would make me cry.
With perfect weather, here we go.
Another day, another show.
Pitching paintings in the sun,
where some find homes and some find none.
My bucket fills from all the smiles
and the pieces yet to make.

You would think I would be exhausted after two big shows, back to back. Actually, I am anxious to get back to painting. I have a wonderful series of common thistle that I am working on. Here is a small piece that I hope to finish soon.

Common Thistle II - 12" x 9"

Thanks again everyone!

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