Thursday, November 05, 2009

Five Grandchildren, finished piece is 5' x 4' oil on canvas

The sketch on the left is the one that was selected. Next, we are comparing two different sized supports. A white 5' x 4' canvas is being held to the wall and I have superimposed an orange square to represent a 4' x 3' piece. Since the piece was not going to require framing, we felt the wall called for the bigger piece. I am glad my friend Wendy had the courage to go big, because look at what she ended up with:

This is a special piece created to represent each of five grandchildren. People have often said that my years of life drawing has influenced the way I portray flowers, especially sunflowers. This was a nice challenge in that I wanted the flowers to have symbolic representation of the children as well as a subtle physical depiction without making the piece corny. I think we were successful in that pursuit. This grandma has quite an heirloom to cherish!

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