Sunday, December 02, 2007

Poppies on Gold

4' x 5' Original Oil Painting on gallery wrapped canvas. Brilliant giant poppies on a field of gold.

After a bit of a painting hiatus due to visiting family and the holidays, it felt good to get out my brushes and put this one to bed. I started it some time last winter......and then my toddler pierced the canvas somehow....which derailed my motivation to finish it. Thanks to one of my blogging painter-buddies, I was able to repair the canvas and finish the piece. The scar has an archival patch on the back side and is now hidden under layers of paint. I cannot tell even when I am looking for it. This one is going up over the mantle in my house as the last of the finished pieces I had on hand went off to the gallery. My kids asked why we didn't have any paintings anymore....all I could think of was the expression "the cobbler's kids never have any shoes". So I thought I would hang this cheerful piece over our mantle for my family to enjoy and then I am off to finish a few commissions that I have up and going.


Kris Cahill said...

Hi Kim,
I saw your link on Art Bloggers and am happy I visited. Your work is gorgeous - I love your colors and your flowers! Their vibrancy makes me smile. What a healing it must be to live with this piece.

I also love to work with color, and finding another artist whose work is so saturated with it is always a delight.

Austin Maloney said...

I like your flowers especially the poppies.

Puni said...

Hi Kim - What a pleasant discovery - I love your work. These poppies are just fabulous.

Jodi H said...

beautiful! evokes a smile. :)