Saturday, June 30, 2007

Grapes on the Vine

24" x 24" oil painting on wrapped canvas. I have been collecting photos and sketches of grapes for a long time hoping to dive in one day. This is my first attempt and it was a lot of fun. Any suggestions from my artist friends out there?? Please post them! I have a composition planned for a larger canvas that I am sketching through now and hope to start tomorrow.


Ed Terpening said...

Hi Kim, This painting makes a very pleasing abstract pattern, and I really like the background color, that light lime greeny color.

My only suggestion is the grapes themselves, and I wouldn't suggest changing this painting, but maybe trying this first in a small study. This is probably a matter of subjective taste, but I would have abstracted out the groups of grapes a bit more, and not drawn everyone. If you're painting in oil, suggest massing the entire area in the shadow color of the grape, alternating a warm, cool and grayish version of that violet color to entertain the eye and create tension. Then I would define a few grapes here and there with the light side color.

I actually paint the first 80% of my paintings without my glasses. I'm near-sighted, so this abstracts the the subject for me, which helps me focus on large shapes first, so I can get the correct color and values. I then use my glasses at the very end for a new minor details.

Again, this advice is based on how I would approach it, but the painting as is works too.

Kim Rhoney said...

Thank you Ed! I spent the latter part of yesterday fretting over details on those grapes.... when it was their overall mass that I had missed! I am off to paint some grapes by mass and I may even ditch my glasses for a while! Nice of you to take the time to share your wisdom. I love the web!