Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Gorgeous Girls

4 x 3 feet, oil on gallery wrapped canvas
If you wonder why I haven't posted in a while it isn't because I traveled over Thanksgiving; I have had this piece going for a couple of weeks now. This is another for my sunflower series. The foliage is getting more interesting to me as I explore the subject of sunflowers. I now know why the masters painted so many of these beauties as they are very challenging and gratifying when you capture bits of their majesty. This piece is fairly loosely painted relying on a deep plum under-painting to add depth and character to the subject.

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stephski said...

Hi Kim:

"My Gorgeous Girls" have been "transplanted" to our sunroom!! The painting looks great in there! I have blue denim furniture which pulls the blue out of the sky even more! If you can believe that...
Hope you are well and I'll be looking for you at the art festivals in 2009.

stephanie kwiatkowski